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Not My Forte

see...i have these nifty ideas. then i don't know exactly what to do with them.

i was looking at all of the components that nobody ever, ever uses (reminiscing and taking a lesson in how completely bloated avs is), and i pulled up render / ring. i kept looking at the seams going "god damnit, i hate those seams." so i contrived to make a ring that would get rid of them. it worked. all i had to do was wrap the waveform around the ring twice and fade it in and out.

that's when i had a vision: a rubbery, popping waveform that actually responded to the music being played, rather than just twitching all over the place as the oscilloscope does. it worked (well, pretty much...it worked great when i was listening to hang up your hang ups). it all went downhill from there though...i never know how to make these things into presets. it's just not...well, you get the idea.

the scope looks way better when it's fast...if you don't believe me, look at ringzor.
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that is some awesome responsiveness, would be nice to hijack into a preset

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The ring is great, but you're right it is hard to turn into a decent preset. Maybe a minimalistic 3D preset would be the best here? Or then not... Well something simple anyway. I took a swing at this and it didn't quite work out, but im posting it anyway

btw. it's not that the built-in effects don't have any use, but most of them are just so horribly flawed that you don't really want to use them (oh how i hate you moving particle...)
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sweet response here, and i kinda dig tuggummis version also. indeed hard to make a decent preset out of it, but not impossible ( i wont try tho ... ).
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Oooh my. I love the way you smooth out that motion. I could definitely have fun with that idea!
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