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Radio URL

I am busy registering my radio station with Shoutcast.
I need to supply the “Existing Stream URL”
(my radio is live for more than 3 years on a different platform)

Please can you advise how to get this info

Thanking you
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Which service are you registering for? SHOUTcast Streaming Service?

If you don't know the direct stream url, just put a url in there for a website/player/playlist, and we'll find it.

Note that SCSS requires you to trigger ads and to have an ample amount of listeners....


Never mind, I've found it...

Stream URL: http://listen.radionomy.com/rainbowgr

We can convert your Radionomy station to SCSS, if you wish....?

But it's not normal/current policy for us to allow the running of the exact same Radionomy stream also on SHOUTcast Streaming Service, so your application will be rejected.

I'm a bit confused by you not seeming to know that your current stream is on Radionomy, because with Radionomy you need to keep the planner up-to-date to keep the stream active....
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Dear Sir

I was 'n bit confused about the stream URL.
I thought it might be something else and not exactly the same as the Radionomy URL.
Thank you for clearing that up for me.

I understand that I can't have a radio on Radionomy and Shoutcast simultaneously.
Radionomy is killing our listeners base with their current geo-blocking policy and I would therefore like explore the possibility to take my radio from Radionomy to Shoutcast, deleting my radio from Radionomy when Shoutcast is up and running.
I am aware of the ad requirements as well as the listener amount requirements.
Please advise on the procedure to follow, should I wish to convert to Shoutcast, as well as Shoutcast giving permission for this conversion.

Thanking you in advance.

Nico Liebenberg
Rainbow Gospel Radio
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