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Question Overlay Resolution

Okay, here's the deal... (I've been looking for an answear during last week and culdn't find any tht answear my question, so that's why I'm posting this)... I have a GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS card on my board using windows xp home edition and it works really well... the thing is that when avs works in overlay, the secondary monitor resolution gets really low... and if I go fullscreen it respects both resolutions... but in that way I can't use my computer at all, and the idea is to use my pc while the avs displays in overlay on th secondary monitor... so my question is: Is there anyway to make the secondary monitor get a higher resolution in overlay mode?...

Notes: I'd deactivated the pixel doubling and "changing the secondary monitor resolution" is not a valid answear, cus still having the same pixeled resolution in avs overlay.

Thanks for your time. Hope we could find an answear soon.
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i think changing the size of the avs window influences the overlay resolution
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Yeah right If I could... The thing is the overlay in the 2nd monitor displays as fullscreen... I'd tried to move it or at lest selecta border but it's simply imposible :s... anyway we'd need to thing on anything else could be posible done... by the way, hehe, the skin I'm using is the bento, and it doen't allow to de-atach the avs window... hahaha... I know I'm asking, in any way, too much... but it would be cool if we find a solution for this issue.

Thanks XD
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doubt you will read this after a month... but anyway.

you get two choices here btw. either yath is right and you can resize your window. or he is not and you can set the fullscreen resolution in the options. if you can't find it methodologically search each tab and menu option.

there is a valueless third choice that covers all the corrupt file, bad implementation, hardware and cosmic ray problems... however it doesn't help

-- Jheriko

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simple solution: use another skin that lets you detach/resize the avs window and resize it.

overlay resolution is affected/depended from the avs window size.

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