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PLEA TO DEVELOPERS: Please add track bookmarking!

Oh god o god, this is the only feature that I am dying for! I have tens of MP3 audiobooks that I keep losing the places for!

Foobar already has this as a 3rd party integration. Winamp has no current alternative, other than Amarok, which was written over a decade ago, buggy, mostly non-functional and out of development.

Please Please Please Please Pleaaaaaaaaaaase guys! Winamp is my favorite music player ever and I have gotten to a config that I love, but this is the only thing missing.

Basically, what I want
1) Plugin/feature that enables bookmarking
2) Feature saves the data into a file (e.g, .dat) inside of /bookmarks folder in winamp
3) Has a window that is dockable inside of winamp that holds all global bookmarks
4) One can scroll through the bookmarks inside of the window
5) One can set a GLOBAL HOTKEY to a) set bookmark b) replace all bookmarks with current

Have I missed anything?

Is this possible? If anyone else wants this, please let us know in the thread! For now, it's back to foobar for audiobooks
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i have asked for something similar, where its like radio automation, where you can set markers on the waveform to show where winamp should start playing the song (0.0 is not always best) and the "eom" or end of marker, to show winamp at what point to start the next track, as a crossfade. a .dat file coud be set as a system/hidden file in the same folder with the audio file, and do both what you want, and what i want.

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Waveform Seeker Update!

Thanks to DrO and Gargaj for this fantastic new version update with added features.


Cheers, Pete

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