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How to resume MP3 audiobooks?

Hi all,
I searched my brains off -- both forum and Google and have yet to come up with a decent solution.

I have a bunch of audiobooks that I listen to. It's a real PITA when I change to music and lose my position.

What I am looking for is something like iPhone's M4B "bookmark saving". Essentially, when I am playing my audiobook, then switching to the other MP3, it resumes to that position in the audiobook.

I have found a reference to going to History option and resume podcasts, but this doesn't really seem to do anything. What format is a podcast is?

I have tried several plugins, including resumer, winamp OEM options, slide and .... (all of these I found referenced in Winamp threads).

I really, really don't want to use another player for my audiobooks, since I love Winamp so much. <3
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shameless bump
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oh come on it's only just over 11hrs since you first posted. bumping maybe after a few days, but not that soon. also being an older forum user you should know that you cannot expect a response immediately.

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Hi DrO,
Sorry about the bump before. I posted this about roughly 1 1/2 months ago and no solution exists. Any chance you could add one to DrO's Winamp Plug-ins.
Basically, copy all of the foo_bookmarks features entirely. You don't have to worry about the interface, options, etc... just the programming.

I know there are others with similar requests (I found them via google).
The closest answer I found was Amarok for Winamp, but it is badly buggy, does NOT autosave, out of development, and the author does not answer. Once you add a bookmark, you have to MANUALLY save the bookmark, otherwise it doesn't save, even though you added it (wtf!?). Anyways, I've given up on Amarok and almost entirely given up on Winamp playing my audiobooks, unless my wishlist thread gets answered.
It's really sad, since I want Winamp to be my primary media player.

Foobar does exactly what I want with foo_bookmarks (http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/...opic=46612&hl=)

There's a ton of options to tune it exactly as you like, too. The problem with foobar is that it's not Winamp with all of my configurations.

For anyone also googling/seeking similar solution, there is none. I have looked.

Use foobar for your MP3 audiobooks for the time being or forever.
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should merge these over here:


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Why? One is a request, one is a question
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Sure would love audiobook support.

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