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old school is still fun(a must read)

is there a way to play wsz's(old winamp files) cause if there you know most people like old skins and i think they should either be converted for winamp3 wich isnt a good idea at all or they're should be an old skin and old component usage component because they dont even make the old legend of zelda skin that i like and it really ticks me . and the ps2 can use the ps1&2 but winamp 3 cant use winamp 2 (I think) and we should be prepared for a new age of winamp and winamp3 is at the peak of perfection but it should do like the ps2 did and whats with the games, my armpit has more activity then five winamps combined and no i do not have a sanitation or deoderant problem im just being sarcastic what a dump no games
but they're's still hope if you guy's would make with the components and formating skins
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Winamp3 Trouble-Shooter Guide > Winamp3 FAQ

Will my old plug-ins still work?
Nope. Unfortunately, to totally change the component interface, backwards compatibility had to be scrapped. But fear not, developers are already making plug-ins to run Winamp 2.X plug-ins. For Input download WA2Input. General and DSP plug-ins can be run with Winamp 2x Plugin Manager. The Winamp 2.X API can be emulated with Winamp 2x Plugin Manager. Visualizations can be run with the Classic Visualization Component.

Will my Winamp 2.XX skins still work?
Winamp3 has limited Winamp2 skin support. Though there are Winamp2 Skin converters that work better then Winamp3's built in support. Try this link.

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