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Exclamation Want someone to make a skin for you? READ THIS FIRST

If you are in the forum to ask someone to make you a skin then please take the time to read this thread before posting a request, if you have already posted a request then chances are someone has posted a link back to this thread for you to read, so read it anyway eh?

Ok, here are a few things you need to know before posting a request for a skin, and these are based purely of observations of these forums over the years and the responses given to people who ask for skins to be made for them...

1) Skins, in particular Winamp modern skins take a heck of a long time to create.

Winamp skinning is a complicated bitch and takes a lot of time and energy on behalf of the skinner to come up with a final product, it's a known fact, aint no escaping it, skinning takes time, look around the forums you'll see horror stories of people spending 100+ hours to make a skin, locked in a darkened room with only a coffee drip to keep them going.

Ask yourself this, would you be prepared to give up hours, days and sometimes weeks to make something for a total stranger who you have never met before?, if your answer is yes to this question, then feel free to hit me with your request for a skin and I'll be sure to hit you back with my request to have my house painted and decorated

2) Most people don't have the same tastes as you do.

It's a fact not everyone cares for Britney or whatever other obscure band/movie/tv show/book you like and trying to convince someone who couldn't give two hoots about the subject that they should give up the aforementioned time to make a skin for them is probably gonna fall on deaf ears.

You might strike lucky and find someone with similar tastes as your own who is willing to give it a shot for you, but it's unlikely, your best bet here is to move swiftly onto point three...

3) Money talks, and so do other shiny objects.

The best and easiest way to get someone to give up time and effort on a subject they don't care about is to dangle some kind of incentive in front of them.

This doesn't always have to take the form of hard currency, the Winamp skinning community is a fairly flexible bunch of people and there are other things you could probably offer that might pique their interest, web site hosting, CD's, couple of gigs of lesbian porn, stuff like that.

Cash does however work best as most people are willing to whore themselves out for a quick dollah!

If the incentive is there, most people would jump at the chance to make your skin for them, so before you ask prepare your bribes, I mean offers.

4) "But I don't have anything to offer I'm just a poor (___insert vocation here___)"

Well that's tricky then, remember points one and two? still think you should be asking even though you wouldn't give up the time, have a subject matter that no one cares about and you still have no carrot to dangle?, for shame.

Of course, and here is a really weird concept, you could always do it yourself!

Here at Winamp.com, we offer a HUGE pool of knowledge from skinners old and new, who can probably answer just about every skinning question you can throw at them, and we offer tutorials, links and tons of other stuff to help you get started, for example....
Skinning tips and tricks forum!
Graphic design tutorials
Make Winamp modern skins like a pro

If you can't find something to get you started in there, then you never will.

Also, if you have l337 graphic skills but shriek with terror at the thought of getting your hands dirty with nasty code, there is a good chance you will be able to snag a coder from the forums, just show us an example of your work and watch the offers flood in, a lot of coders hang out here and love to be affiliated with people just like you, 99% of the time in circumstances like this you don't even need to offer an incentive!, it's like bringing the main course while someone else brings desert. This also works the other way if you are a nerdy coder and don't have a clue where to get started with the artwork.

So to summarise....

Skinning takes a long time, people don't always care for the same subjects as you, and you'll get better results with some kind of incentive.

Still think you should be asking.......?
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