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Box cutters in trunk = 7 days prison and no police career

Normally I'm all pro gun control, but this is frankly ridiculous!

Two safety box cutters have given a week's imprisonment for a young man. But it also shattered his dream of becoming a policeman.

Haris Cehic is 19 years and works at a gas station. Late one night when picking up a friend at a club, he was stopped by police in a routine investigation.

In the trunk, he had two box cutters, which he needed to cut boxes open at the Shell gas station in Middelfart where he works. The police charged him for possession of weapons, and he was initially fined 3,000 kroner ($575)

Penalty tightened
Haris Cehic was sentenced seven days' imprisonment today, in the Country court, after his penalty in the District Court was appealed by the chief prosecutor.

The citation for possession of arms gives him a criminal record, and probably crushes the Haris Cehics dream of a career in the police - and his desire to become a soldier and do his military service.

»I do not know what to say. I had not anticipated that I would be hit this hard by the law«, said Haris Cehic to TV2 News.
And a short notice in English: Copenhagen Post
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I had this happen to me. I was cited because I had a baseball bat. The judge said "Did you have a ball?" I said "yep".... "Then it's sporting goods, case dismissed."

There is a difference between tools, sporting goods and weapons. Some judge must have been high. I can't believe it got even worse on appeal. Who doesn't have a box cutter in their tool box?
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I'd fine him for using such piece-of-shit models. If the cutter was like the plastic one in the picture and not like the more common Stanley or Craftsman, then I'm surprised it never broke and caused injury when cutting boxes. Shit, put that in your pocket - slip on some ice and watch it break and cut your cock off...

This is safer, stronger and probably costs about the same.

although I still probably wouldn't carry it in a pocket, not that he did...

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