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So we all know that SDMI envisioned a world of watermarked audio files which can be tracked no matter what is done to audio file right? We also are all aware of the miserable success that SDMI has had in implimenting such a system into effect currently right?

Well, little did we all know that the thought police of MS Empire have developed such a technology quitely behind the mass media exposure which SDMI was receiving..

Check out this excellent story on Wired News - http://www.wirednews.com/news/techno...,43389,00.html

It seems that some MS research scientists have been spotted demonstrating how a hidden copyright fingerprint that can be securely affixed to a portion of audio and remain recognisable and identifiable "even if a jazz song is played aloud on speakers in a noisy room and then re-recorded".

I wonder if MS has visions of making our music only available in a rental based subscription system, just like it's forth coming XP line of products. It's all about how to suck every last cent out of users now isn't it? Lord knows you couldn't simply offer us a product which we desire and would be willing to pay for without a hidden adjenda now could you?


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a few words:
people find a way around everything

look at DVD's. they said it couldnt be done! but it was

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