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Editing Filename

I have a lot of music in my media library. Some of the filenames are mispelled and if I try to correct them using "explore item folder" the song won't play anymore.

I know i can change only the id3 tag but I want to know how can I change the filename without having to erase it from media lybrary and adding it again.
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sorry, it cant work like that. when you change the filename, you have offically broken the path that ml and playlists use to play that file.

I suggest doing all of your editing at once, and not over a period of time. just get it over with.

for all of your mass tagging and file renaming...i suggest an external app other than winamp. try either of these two:

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I have a similar problem. I want to change the filename of some files in the media library from "d:\mp3\..." to "c:\mp3\...". I've done this before via a hexeditor (Ultraedit), as in earlier ml versions the path was just stored as something like "c:\\mp3". But now it seems to be more complicated. Still it should be possible to change the d to a c by replacing the hex code.

Any ideas?
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The ML database is now UTF-16 as far as I can tell so you will need to account for null bytes. You could try: 44 00 3A 00 5C 00 6D 00 70 00 33 00 which, I hope, is D:\mp3. I was never able to use a hex editor on the main.dat successfully but if you did, congratulations. I would recommend against changing a single character as you will replace characters you didn't want to.

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