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I do all webpages just for IE. 98% of users uses IE. Don't listen to fanatics! he he
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not fucked, not quite.
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The hack is based on HTTP request browser by PHP, and by determaining that, choose to load an extra styleshit for IE. Um styleshit.. stylesheet for IE. Working good for now. But IE is teh h8, no doubt
You could've just used my solution to save you the trouble of all that. But I'm not going to argue it, since we've already seen where that leads.

By the way, your solution isn't really a hack. It's just PHP. My solution is more of a hack, since it takes advantage of a bug in IE.
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The hack is based more on that I actually load style for the same element twice. And yes those of yours are clearly hacks. But they don't work anymore unfortunatly. The comment thing works, but I don't want trash in my source when I don't need to.

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