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I am guessing Winamp does not natively have support to decode ADPCM files, amirite? I am also not finding a 3rd party plugin or anything else for ADPCM (besides the Xbox one). Is there any way to play them in Winamp (without the Video interface)? Almost forgot, using Winamp 5.24.

If I'm wrong and I should be able to play them, the files will load into the playlist normally. They display the correct timelength but start and stop playback instantly, so no audio seems to be played. Winamp will not crash unless I attempt to go into the file properties/info. Otherwise I have no other issues playing wav/mp3/blah/etc with Winamp.

The files will play in a media player, but I know I have an ADPCM decoder there for that. So I would assume there is nothing wrong with the files themselves. I also compressed a few with the Windows Sound Recorder app and they wouldn't play as well in Winamp, but fine elsewhere.

P.S. I am not trying to play Xbox ADPCM files, trying for basic MS or IMA ADPCM files.
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If they won't play with the latest in_wave.dll (libsndfile is apparently supposed to support adpcm) then either try the older in_wave.dll (which uses system codecs instead of libsndfile, but no multi-user support in winamp) or use in_dshow for wav instead of in_wave.

I know you said "Is there any way to play them in Winamp (without the Video interface)?" though note that in_dshow support for WAV is improved further in 5.25

See the Known Bugs/Issues thread for links & further info:
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I tried the older in_wave in the link, from Winamp 5.13, it didn't seem to work either though. After switching the in_wave.dll's it also did not display the correct timelength (extremely off) in the playlist anymore, nothing else seemed to change.

So for the hell of it I broke out a really old winamp install, 2.91, and tried playing them in that (not replacing in_wave's but actually using the old winamp). To my surprise they played fine. I compared in_wave.dll's and it seems it hasn't changed in years . The version in both is in_wave v2.06 and even has the exact same CRC value as Winamp5.13. So then for the hell of it I found a Winamp 5.13 installation, and tried to play within that. Worked again. So in a last desperate attempt I copied all of the plugin's from Winamp 5.13 into the Winamp 5.24 folder. However this did not work.

So in the older Winamps I did notice that all other Windows ACM codecs were indeed supported. A-law, u-law, GSM 6.10, DSP TrueSpeech, etc (Note none of these work in current Winamp with current in_wave.dll, even though some are supported by libsndfile). And other ADPCM types which I have just been experimenting with that are not system codecs did not work: G.726, Yamaha, Creative. So I guess Winamp at one time did have full ADPCM+etc support through the system codecs. However just replacing the in_wave.dll's does not seem to work with current versions, something else within Winamp is preventing the system codecs from being used.

Since libsndfile does support ADPCM though, perhaps this is something that could be fixed in a future update? Or at least allowing the older in_wave.dll to be used with the system codecs.
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