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Streaming music via bluetooth

I have a new Sony stereo which is Bluetooth compatible. My plan is to pick up a USB Bluetooth adapter on Ebay, and I would like to be able to stream my music with Winamp. Is this possible? Also, the adapter I was looking at was this one: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...Category=44999
Would that work and do what I want it to do, or should I go for a slightly better one (That's a generic, no name thing from Hong Kong)? Thanks!
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it has A2DP but no AVRCP, with AVRCP you can control devices that is if your stereo supports AVRCP. A2DP is what's needed to stream audio.
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theoretically yes its possible... but:
1. the audio quality will be poor at best, bluetooth wasn't made for such a task.
2. it'll be unreliable as bluetooth wasn't invented for this task.
3. I don't know of any way you can output like that to a usb bluetooth dongle as it isn't a soundcard, it would have to be performed by some software that is probably not very well known... and thats if it exists at all.
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With A2DP profile it will register as a soundcard in XP or >, that if both the stereo and dongle key connect. Truly if it goes beyond headphone the output is wacked.
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Go to Ebay and pick up a bluetooth dongle, one that is A2DP capable. It will then be registered as a soundcard in Windows.

Here's how mine is set up........My MP3 collection is stored on a drive (NAS) on my network. From Winamp installed on any of the PC's on my network I connect across the network to that drive and play the tunes from there.
From there I stream the audio via A2DP bluetooth to a bluetooth receiver that has an audio output and is connected to my home hi-fi.

To summarize......MP3's on network drive streamed to laptop & streamed via bluetooth from laptop to home hifi.

It's very reliable, and it's a whisker from CD quality.

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