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Using multiple Winamp players

How do I install more than one Player? I just started using Winamp as the default player and would like to listen to more than one live feed from Radioreference.com
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one install is supposd to run multiple instances if enabled in prefs. u can try that, but i haven't had much luck with it, not sure it works.

u can also install a second instance to a different location on the HD.

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Multiple instances there are two choices.

1. Install winamp to one folder then allow multiple instances in General preferences. Then keep clicking to open them but you have to load playlist.

2. Install winamp to the base default folder then install as many as you want eg Winamp 1,Winamp 2 etc. Create shortcuts for each one.

Then when you have enough installed Reinstall back to the Base folder eg Winamp

Then start each one, you will have to set the config for all installs this causes the Application data in the user profile has to be written, it is also a good practice to install any plugins as you go because the plugin install pick up the last folder used to install winamp you maybe able to copy to each folder but sum need to add data to the users Application data folder.

I have 10 winamps running at once with shoutcast servers and one Winamp to monitor the outputs the monitor Winamp has the +250 band EQ.

PS I have had them all connected in series as well...just for something to do...
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I just want two installs of winamp with one like a 'master' (output ot speakers) and the other just there to be configure to output to headphones so I can preview tracks. Any playlists in the 'master' should automatically appear in the 'slave'. I'm new to winamp so would appreciate some step-by-step instructions for making this happen.

Thanks in advance,
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If you have 2 sound cards you configure each of the device's output under the Plugin's Output.
About the Playlist as far as I know you cant do that with winamp...Correct me if I am wrong.
You maybe able to use some DJ Plugin to do what you want though.
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