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Originally posted by Atmo
It's very unlikely that it would hurt your system to try it, but i cant guarentee that.
I think I'd go along with that. If you are really worried, take an old video card and stick it in the blown machine, if it's still fried, you'll know the video card you took out is probably ok.

Whenever you are troubleshooting anything, you have about 99% odds that the problem is one thing.

I think when you are building a new machine that you could do a lot worst than boards like the ASUS M2N-MX Motherboard.

This board has nvidia graphics, ethernet and nvidia sound all on the board. The boards cost about $75. The thing is you would have to spend more than $100 to get an external video card that's as fast. The sound chip is good. Built in gigabit lan. It's also very linux friendly being nvidia based.

I built a machine with a friend of mine over the weekend. For his $300 budget I think we did pretty good. Here's the autopsy.


This isn't the fastest machine on the planet, but it was damn good bang for the buck.
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Ummm, if I were to stick another video card in the old machine, it won't work since the mobo is blown. That machine is scrapped so there's no point in a new mobo for it. I just want the video card out of it but don't want it to fry my other computer.
I think I'll just write it off.
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Originally posted by Atmo
Well, that lot's going to cost $1100 and wont be as fast as the cheaper C2D E6600/680i combo i mentioned earlier.

It's your money though.
mind giving a link? id like to be running amd. i didn't know it was a combo set you were talking about. i found a whole bunch of 680i mobos but none were combos. also i dont know if i said this before but id like to get amd.
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