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Winamp Cloud Beta FAQ


Winamp Cloud Beta on Winamp Labs

User Guide

1. Install Winamp 5.7 Beta with Winamp Cloud Beta [Download | Info]

2. Click on the Cloud Sources view in the Winamp Media Library or visit in your browser (IE/Chrome/Firefox)

3. Login via the Facebook login.

Note that only Facebook logins are supported at the moment, as a means of authentication.
More auth methods will be coming later (Google, AOL/Winamp, etc).

4. You will now be placed on the Cloud Waitlist.

We will be distributing some invites over the coming days.

On receiving the invite, go to to login.

Unfortunately, depending on the numbers, we may not be able to give invites to everyone at this time.

Further info can be found via Winamp Labs and your Cloud Profile page.

5. Go to the Cloud Sources page in the Winamp player (Windows pc client), login and confirm that your PC has been added.

6. You now need to wait for the Winamp (Windows client), specifically, the Cloud plugin, to scan your Media Library.

This could take a while with large libraries, but not too long with smaller ones.
Under normal circumstances, it only needs doing once per Winamp release....
You can view the progress by right-clicking "Cloud Sources" in the Media Library tree and selecting "Toggle Status Window"
or by going to: Winamp > Prefs (Ctrl+P) > Media Library > Cloud Sources > Logging tab
(also accessible by right-clicking on "Cloud Sources" in the Media Library tree and selecting "Preferences")

When it says "First Pull Completed" you are ready to start using the Winamp Cloud features.

Note that a first pull completion is also required on each Winamp restart, but should be a fairly quick process,
unless lots of newly added/edited songs need to be scanned....
Cloud features will be disabled until first pull has completed (usually a few seconds or so).

7. Start uploading your music to the Cloud.

Transfers can be made by clicking the Transfer button at the bottom of the Winamp Cloud view under the Cloud Sources node,
or by clicking the Transfer icon in the top right corner of the view,
both which work in a similar way to the "Devices > Sync" method...
Or you can right-click single or multiple songs in the Local Media Views or Playlist, and select: Send To > Cloud Sources > Winamp Cloud.
Or you can click the arrow in the Cloud column in the Local Media views and checkmark Winamp Cloud to start the transfer.
Transfer progress can be viewed via the Transfers view under the Cloud Sources node.

Any PC that you add to the Cloud will show under Cloud Sources.

Android devices are also supported (requires Winamp For Android 2.0 Beta)

Download from Cloud to local machine/device is coming soon.

You can listen to all songs you've uploaded to Winamp Cloud anywhere by using the Winamp Cloud Web Player at

You can also play your songs via the Cloud view in Winamp, though it will always try to use a local version first, if one exists.
If no local version is found it will then stream it from the cloud instead.


Support FAQ

1. Windows

Q: What file types are currently supported for uploads?
A: MP3, MP4/M4A (audio-only). FLAC will upload, but the cloud web player can't play them.

Q: I get an Error: Song is not part of Cloud Library when trying to upload some songs.
A: File type is currently not supported (e.g. ogg, wma, wav);
or mediahash for song hasn't been calculated / metadata has not yet been announced.

If the latter, go to: Prefs > Cloud Sources > Options tab, and click "Rescan Local Library Now".
Go to Logging tab (or right-click on "Cloud Sources" in ML tree, and select "Toggle Status Window") to see progress.
If progress bar gets to 100% and files still do not upload, restart Winamp and watch progress again.
If the scan is going really slow, close and reopen Winamp again.
Wait for the progress bar to reach 100% or for first pull to complete before attempting to upload songs to cloud.

Note that, under normal circumstances, new songs should be automatically added to the database and any subsequent metadata edits (via the Winamp interface) for songs already in the database should also be automatically updated...

Q: What does the "Reset Cloud Library" button do?
A: It removes all songs you've uploaded to the cloud and resets everything back to the beginning, as though you are starting again from scratch.

Q: I have a major problem not covered by the above
A: Most problems are solved by deleting your local cloud database.

The cloud database file can be found via: %AppData%\Winamp\cloud\local-(uid).db

You can make a backup first if you wish.

Close Winamp, delete the .db file, reopen Winamp.
Winamp will now recreate the local cloud database by pulling directly from the cloud server.
It might take a few minutes for first pull to complete again....

Note that providing your Unique User ID (uid) in all correspondence will help us to troubleshoot & fix any serverside issues.

You can also use the "Save" button via "Winamp > Prefs (Ctrl+P) > Cloud Sources > Logging" tab
to save the current log to a .txt file and then attach it to your post here.

Please also note that this is beta software with some potential or unfound teething issues.
There may also be occasional serverside issues, which we will aim to fix as soon as possible, if and when they should occur.

2. Android


3. Cloud web player

Q: How do I improve streaming playback speed in Firefox browser? It takes 10+ secs for the next song to start playing...
A: To decrease latency (time it takes for a song to stream/buffer & start playing) in Firefox v20+
- Make sure you've got the latest version of Firefox from
- Type the following into the Firefox address bar: about:config
- Type "media" into the search filter
- Look for the "" setting (screenshot)
- Double-click it to toggle it from "false" to "true" (screenshot)
- Refresh the page using Ctrl+F5.
This will make Firefox use the Windows Media Foundation engine for streaming playback instead of the default Flash player
(which downloads songs in full to a temp folder on the local hard drive first, ie. it doesn't do proper http streaming!)
Hopefully, Mozilla will be making this the default setting in the next Firefox release (v21 or v22)...

4. Accounts


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