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ATF aka "Advanced Title Formatting" Tag Reference?

Simple question. Is there a reference available of all the tags applicable to ATF? Obviously ones for specific file formats are going to be impossible to list, or in reality are they all provided by specific file formats? I'd got an inkling that %filename% and such like might be 'built-in'. I've had a hunt around with zero success, it's probably under my nose knowing my luck.

The next question is whether there is some way to use IPC_FORMAT_TITLE without responding to all tags. That is, is there something I've missed whereby I can 'ask' WinAMP to deal with any tag I don't know about, based on what is currently playing.

One last easy question. Which version of WinAMP did IPC_FORMAT_TITLE become available?

Any help would be much appreciated.
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As far as I can tell, the tags listed on the ATF panel are _the_ tags. You might have more luck with ATFExt.

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If you take a look at the source to ATFE and ActiveWinamp, you will see how Ive done it, which I originally got from saivert. Basically, just pass the tag on through to Winamp as a get_extended_info request (or ML meta data request).

AFAIK you can't get winamp to simply format your title for you. That IPC is used simply to parse an ATF string and call back to your function with the tag names between %...% to make things easier for you.
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Thanks for the responses, I was beginning to suspect that the number of tags was limited. I've also managed to download a number of WinAMPs from www.oldversion.com for testing (thou I had a few myself) compatiblity.
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