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HELP!: Smart Shuffle

please bear with me, i've got really zero programming experience, so i'm gonna detail this plugin in hopes that i might either:
1) find someone to help me build it, or
2) find someone who can simply build it on their own and pass it on to the public

on my winamp i've got a massive and diverse playlist, but still prefer listening on shuffle. you can see how this causes issues when it might play Fear Factory one track, then Outkast the next track.

a plugin to take control of shuffle based on a few parameters, each with a seperate option toggle within the plugin setting:
song name
artist name
album name
comment field

"mouse on mars - one day not today"
could shuffle into:
"black moth super rainbow - smile the day after today"
which could shuffle into
"the killers - smile like you mean it"

that would be a "song title" smart shuffle obviously. easy enough? 'today' is picked out or the first file, then 'smile' for the next track. then maybe 'you' could be chosen for the next. using such a broad 'smart shuffle' would obviously be for the more adventurous.
artist name and genre smart shuffles would obviously work the same way, with genre being slightly more playlist-restrictive than 'song title', and artist-name being more restrictive still.

'comment' field smart shuffle (the mode i feel would make this worth making, because the others somewhat already exist within winamp)
the user could list any number of 'tags' within the comment field, which would drive the smart shuffle to link mp3s. it could be any terms you wanted! like if there's a few songs you like to hear while playing assassin's creed, then you can put "assassin's creed" in the comment field, and be all but guarunteed those songs will come up alongside each other in the playlist.

mp3 tagged with "slow; driving"
could shuffle into
mp3 tagged with "slow; starcraft"
which could shuffle into
"fast, starcraft"
which could go into
"fast, driving"
and then come back around to the beginning.

where i need more pre-alpha development:

how many comment tags are able to be worked with easily, to give mp3s a little versatility in the smart shuffle?
obviously too few comments would keep a restricted playlist, and too many allowed tags (without a tag order priority) may absolutely defeat the point of the plugin.

should there be an option: "play uncommented mp3s [yes/no]"
(for the people like me who might need a bit of time to fill in thousands of comment fields)?

if someone wants to IM me to help out, or to help iron out the finer details so they can make it themselves, i'm only more than eager to hear. my vast mp3 collection on 'shuffle' has confounded me for years :P
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