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Incompatibility issues when rating a song from Winamp


I configured winamp to write the rating info into the file.

When I load the file rated file in my tag editor software (EZ CD Audion Converter), it shows no ID3v3 info: the artist, title, genre; year, etc are blanked out (except the rating, showing the right number of stars)

The reason why I am posting here in the winamp forum is because, if I edit and rate the file within Windows 7 (x64) directly, there is no issue.

Some sort of conversion/format maybe involved here. Any idea?
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Hi all,

here is an update on this after some additional testing:

I used 3 files: the original before modification, a copy of the original file rated in winamp, and a copy of the original file rated in windows.
Then, I compared the streams of the files and the ID3v2 headers using MP3 diag

After rating the files, the ID3v2 headers are different. Via Windows and Winamp, I see the field POPM being added, which is expected. However, the padding value and the POPM size are different, and the sequence of the fields is also different beween the 2 rated files.

Sample files available here:

Here are the results:

file_rateme_original: orignal file untouched, to be rated
ID3v2.3 header info: padding=1967, unsynch=NO; frames: TALB="album", TPE1="artist", TIT2="title"

file_rated_winamp: file rated 5 stars in Winamp
ID3v2.3 header info: padding=1934, unsynch=NO; frames: POPM size=23, TALB="album", TPE1="artist", TIT2="title"

file_rated_windows: file rated 5 stars in Windows 7 x64
ID3v2.3 header info: padding=1948, unsynch=NO; frames: TALB="album", TIT2="title", POPM size=31, TPE1="artist"

I am trying and need help to identify:
- if the issue is in Winamp, or in my Editor sofware
- if this is a bug vs. a problem following ID3v2 standards (writing or/and reading)

Thanks in advance for your help
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FYI, issue resolved. Bug found in 3rd party software due to the way Winamp handles rating.
Winamp adds counter property to POPM field and for some reason EZ CD fails to parse all the tags after POPM field for that reason.

Fix will come with next release of EZ CD Audio Converter
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u don't know what kind of hornets nest you're poking! glad to know the bug was elsewhere.

be aware that you can change the email part of the string winamp writes for POPM by configuring the in_mp3.dll plugin.

more info:


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