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Originally Posted by hakanh View Post
I had the opportunity to review all your work you shared this weekend. There are interesting things and even some of them reminded me of my old mashup experiments.

I also found your last project interesting. My eyes are having difficulty catching up to this pace, but if you develop your preset interesting can emerge. Also, I have reviewed the first examination warp shader code of last preset to understand it and I have a few simple "Coachella edits" experimental works as you can see below.

Note: Put the image files in your texture folder.
Those are some really nice remixes Hakanh. You have a great style in your work. I particularly like the (H's remixes) [xmuzack's advice] one.

I have some more presets to share in the near future. Have some cleaning up to do still.

Happy Winampin'
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New preset - Star Dance at Sagittarius A

Something a bit different. Using some code from Amandio C, Flexi and also Martin's Attack of the Beast. Works with all types of music. Just don't get sucked into the black hole...

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I've never seen a preset quite like this one before. I like it a lot, very entertaining and pretty to watch .

Like my avatar? Check out my Star Forge preset project .
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