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I got this game for my birthday. I bought a siberian husky and named him Link, because he has scary eyes. I looked it up, and aparently real huskies have scary eyes too, so it's pretty much like a real one.

Anybody else have any thoughts on Nintendogs?

Who is the milkman? What is the purpose of the goggles?
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i have a lab and a shiba. i found a super mario "question mark" block on a walk and they hate it.

the game itself is amazing...the way the dogs act and react to the touchscreen is awesome.

i was playing with the pull rope for an hour, i swung my dogs across the room and he came right back for more.

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This pretty accurately sums up the 5 minutes I spent playing the game at a games convention thing a couple weeks ago. Then again, I hate dogs.

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