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5 reasons to bitch at your ex.

1. He/She/It was bitchy at you, so be bitchy at him/her/it.
2. He/She/It was the one who recommended the divorce and you thought the marrige was fine.
3. He/She/It hates you, your family, and your friends.
4. He/She/It sucks at making out with/screwing you.
5. He/She/It cheats on you.
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Hmm... I hate fucking wankers that blackmail you and bully you. Wait, this should be in the bitchlist. oh well..
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*wild stab in the air*
did ya just break up with someone, eminemaster825

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Only 5 you must have had an easy ride.

Don't get me startd....

Anyway moving to the mini Bitchlist. I want to stay positive that why I don't go in the mini Bitchlist too often esp. subjects like this.

chiquita chad: It doesn't have to be 'just'.

"Rules are for the guidance of wisemen and the obedience of fools"

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i think eminemaster is a mysogynist...like eminem..

<lurk mode= on>

Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine et lux perpetua luceat eis. Respitae en pacem, Robert.
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i think i have the highest "straight women into lesbian" transformation ratio of any man at 42.9%

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