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[portables] send to

Hey. I have Winamp 5.3. My proposal is as follows:

Now, when I click mouse right button in the playlist, I get a context menu from which I select "send to". There are sub-options "add to local media", "send to cd burner" and "send to USB drive (X:)".

When I select "send to USB drive", the file will be sent to the folder which is specified in current portable options in Preferences (usually sth like \%artist% - %album%\%filename% etc.

I think that it will be good to add a new option in that menu "Send to USB drive (X:) and specify destination folder". For me it will be personally useful, cause after sending file to USB drive I usually move it to another folder manually, and I think some people might also find it good. The previous option could stay, just to add the one I suggested.

I often send many files from various artists (especially when adding files by Auto-Fill option) and I get then 30-40 folder with 2-3 files. There is no such problem when adding whole albums, but when I want for example to add 5 full albums and 30 other files, I could then send albums normally and single files from other groups by choosing "send to USB and choose destination folder". And it will be good when the folder to which the last file was send by that option will be remembered, so that the next files could be send quicker.

Best regards.
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There is an Option in Preferences when you can set destination path and rules how to create folders and subfolders in your device when transfering songs to them;

P.S: sorry about my bad english;
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i've this problem (but presumably because i have a Sumvision player - there is no Portable Option)
Anyone know of any hack to bring up this option where there is no plugin? or any other advice?
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as a workaround i've used XXCOPY to copy all the files in all the folders to a SINGLE folder and deleted all the old folders - works quite well
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Try the gUSB plugin:


It will add every drive that explorer sees including all removables and mapped network drives to the rightclick-sendto menu, and because it's a plugin, I'm pretty sure it bypasses the preferences in winamp for the folder.
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