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Best methods/tools for BPM calculation

With the release of Winamp v5.5 BETA, the BPM field (Beats Per Minute) was added to the ID3v2 fields exposed via the File Info window. It's all part of the new File Editor
(ie. there's also a BPM field in the Basic Info tab, for all of mp3, wma, ogg, flac, m4a).

So now that the field is there within Winamp, it needs data
(good consistent accurate data!).

What are the best methods and/or tools for calculating the BPM value?

Let the discussion begin ...
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i have a stupid question :P
what will this field be used for?
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A few others opinions ...

Originally posted by flocksoft
a free mp3 BPM calculator (accurate? I don't known) saving thr BPM in id3v2.x tags:
Originally posted by kzuse
Automatic BPM Calculation is always inaccurate as not every piece of music does make its beat so obvious as have a pulsing intensity in the bass frequencies (as techno does for example).

What about Jazz or, even, classical music?
It simply won't work.

But I find "counting the beats" is also a little bit... complicated (or at least I'm to lazy to do that ) - So I always use this little program I found someday in the german usenet. (see attached file). Its just a little 108 KB exe file in which you have to click in the beat of the music and it displays the BPM. It also runs on Windows 3.11 and I'm using it since those old days

(Note that it's in German, but you don't have to read any text in it. It also lacks the help file so the first time you start it you get an error message). Have fun

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I'd like to know how good the AVS BPM calculator is, since the code is already there, could this be ported to winamp (calculate on playback anyone?).

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as with the vorbis about dialog fish.
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an option would be cool to automatically calculate the BPM value while the song is played and automatically tags the value if there is not already one tagged. That would be useful and you would not nead an external program.
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Thats what I was thinking. I know in the AVS dialog it has that feature. But it doesnt do anything with it at all.

I also have no idea how accurate it is.

The vorbis fish is an interesting thought

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I use free software from mixmeister to get mp3 bpm tags and it sorts as well. Useful for jogging, etc. playlists, so it would be nice to use Winamp directly to make playlists based on exercise intensity etc. if bpm showed in media library and could be sorted there.
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What about BPM of other formats?

MixMeister and like programs do analyze BPM and write tags in MP3 files, and it is just great. But what about wma, mp4 and ogg formats?
I just can't find a program that does with those formats what MixMeister does with mp3s.
And ML needs to be upgraded so we can sort files by BPM read from their tags.
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other (untested) freeware tools:
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Sadly nothing much of help here if you want an automated scanner.

BPM Counter is also DIY
BPMCounter 2004 is DIY
Pro Scan is auto like Mixmeister - but highly inaccurate

The two calculators are what they say - calculators and do no more than you could do with a pocket calculator or an xls spreadsheet.

And so the hunt goes on.....

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considering how inexact working out the bpm can be, doing it manually will only ever be the most exact way to get it correct from my understanding of how it all works with the code based solutions

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If some one where to ask them if a plugin for winamp could be written that would consult the DB and write the BPM info to the tags of each song.

If they refuse some one could start a DB for winamp users where in order to download you would have to upload at least 20 song´s BPM or something in that order. that way this database would grow realy fast

Just a sugestion...
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RE: Best methods/tools for BPM calculation

Originally posted by JPRG
Thanks for the link JPRG.

My only concern with accepting the values from this DB are this ...
Where is the quality control and where is the standardization?

I mean, it seems like anyone can submit entries with no insight into the means they
used to calculate those entries. And with many difference sources for the data
(each with their own means of computing), the BPM rates are not very usuful in comparison to one another ... which I think would be the primary way I'd want to use BPM (to figure which song was faster than another).
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BPM calculator

If you wanna do it manually, I find this site usefull because it supplies an avarage ..
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Also check out BeatScanner and their website


which has a database for BPM specifically. They also have a pretty neat "re-tempo" product that changes any beat into the beat you want to pace your workout.

I'd love to have BPM auto-filled in, rather than have to first determine it and then have to enter it into the file, so I'm all for a Winamp capability.
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