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Way To Remove Milkdrop Presets From Within Winamp?

I usually have Milkdrop running while listening to music.

I have a few questions about it.

1) Does the rating system have any real effect on the amount of times a preset will appear?
2) Is there a way to delete a specific preset using some kind of keyboard shortcut? The way I do it now is to press F4 and look at the name and then delete it from the directory.
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#1 - this is what's meant to happen (taken from the docs)
4.d. rating system

The built-in rating system allows you to rate each preset on a scale
from 0 to 5. A rating of 5 is very good, while a rating of 0 is
the worst. The ratings decide how often the presets will be randomly
loaded. If a preset has a rating of 0, it will never be randomly
loaded (unless they're all zero; then they all have an equal chance).

To show the rating for a preset, press F6. You can adjust the
rating for a preset with the +/- keys. When you make adjustments,
they save automatically; there's no need to save the preset to make
the rating change permanent.

Here's a recommended interpretation of the numeric values:
0 = I never want to see this preset again
1 = very ugly
2 = mediocre
3 = fair
4 = good
5 = downright stimulating

If a preset seems "lost" because you set its rating to 0 and it
won't ever come back, you can always load it up by hitting 'L'
to conjure the 'Load Preset' menu, finding the preset you want,
loading it, then hitting +.
#2 - the only way i'm aware off is via the way you're doing it (as long as the plug-in has the required file access to do it on the OS being used).

also moving this to the discussion forum as not too sure how it relates to plug-in development.

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in my experience the rating system not only determines how frequently the preset is shown but also for how long it stays on.

if you run winamp as administrator you can press the delete key while viewing the preset you want to delete it
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To delete a preset:

L (brings up list)
[find preset]
Del (then y for yes)

What do you wish for?
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