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Arrow Wishlist/Bugs

Ok heres my wishlist:

1. When you load a playlist, maybe the default name of the list in the playlist editor could be the filename rather than Playlist001, 002, etc. Gets kinda confusing if you load many playlists at once.

2. This one is a bug... in Playlist Editor I do Add/Add files/ and I select a group of files then I click Open and it will add the files 2x in the playlist. Ex) File1, File2, File3, File1, File2, File3

3. Unless I couldnt find it, there is not an option to stop the filename from scrolling in the title bar. Also, double clicking the title bar used to bring up the ID3 editor and it doesnt anymore... thats REALLY annoying .

4. In the ID3 Editor on the top it has the file path and name but it doesnt seem to be a text box, just an image so you cant see the end of the name and path if its longer than the alloted box.

5. What happened to the built in MP3 -> WAV converter? Nullsoft Disk Writer Plug In? There is a diskwriter plugin to download but it wont let you convert multiple files at once and cuts off the last 5 sec of the file... maybe a preinstalled working diskwriter?

Ok thats it for now!
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Oh one more thing...

If you go to Add/Add files and are in the Open window, you should be able to drag items from that window and drop them in the playlist.
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1,3,4 has been discussed b4.

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