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Whats the point of an encoder when you play mp3 files from winamp ?? Couldn't winamp just send the file to the shoutcastserver, and let it sream it from there at the rate that the mp3 file is original sampeled ?

Isn't there a quality loss when you encode a 128 kbit mp3 file into 128 kbit stream ?
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winamp, like most other players only DECODE mp3 streams. Encoding only comes with ripping/encoding software. The reason you need to install an encoder is so that you can choose which bitrate to use. (you can't listen to a 128kbit stream on 56k. well you could but it would buffer/skip every second). Likewise with broadcasting. 128kbit doesn't quite fit through a 56k pipe real well. as for quality loss? does 128 = 128? if so, then you aren't losing any quality.
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