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Average rating in Artist/Album views

You can't add a Rating column to Artist, Album Artist or Album views. It would be convenient to sort Artist and Albums by rating.
In the Album Art view the average rating is visible but sorting by rating does not work properly.
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I agree, I found out about the same problem a while ago, but the moderators dont' seem to trace it to be fixed.... Anybody knows how it can be brought to the attention of the winamp developers?
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(i bet another thread about such things has been bumped by the time i reply to this).

the left pane doesn't provide the means to sort by rating since that part is not coded to support it - why i don't know but that's how it is currently provided (however annoying that may be to people).

as for the sorting not being right, i think it is already listed in an internal tracker but that doesn't expedite getting anything fixed sooner (especially when it's taken long enough to get a new 5.63 release out the door when dev focus is on other parts of the Winamp family). so yes it is known about by at least some of the people who work on Winamp proper, but knowing and having the time / inclination to fix things is a completely different matter.

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Thanks DrO
still hope to see it fixed, actually I would love to see my cd's ranked that way
not only showing the rounded * rating, but even the actual calculated average track rating would be nice, so that you know what cd's you find yourself the best
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