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[request] Winamp Beat to MIDI or ArtNet

Hello devs!

I am wondering if it was possible to catch the beat detection which visualizations are using and output the beat to MIDI?

I do NOT mean MidiClock I do mean the real Beat
Here a sample for what I mean lika digital signal_


Every B is a beat, and the midi signal should always send Message 254, Data 1: 0, Data 2: 0
As soon as a Beat occures it should send one packet with data 1: X where X is eighter 1 or even better a value representing the intensity of the beat if that's possible?!

Another variant would be to send ArtNet Packets where one single Channel is used for the beat signal. 0 no beat and every higher value like stated in my midi description above.
ArtNet Target IP as well as the dmx channel should be configurable.

Is that possible and would anyone like to create such a plugin for me? I am of course willing to donate a beer or two ;=) (or coffee if you preferr)

Thanks in advance!
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