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Final i downloaded Winamp 3, "cool" thought I

nips into Explorer,
(on my AMD Athlon 1.2GHz, 512MB Ram, Sound Balster AWE 64 Gold, and ATI Rage 128 Pro 64Mb graphics card, Running Win98 SE (could this be the problem?)
and ran the EXE.

l(X) Installer verification failed
l This could be the result of an
l incomplete download, a failing
l disk, or (possible) corruption
l from a virus.
l You can try to force an install
l using the /NCRC command line
l switch (but it is not recommended
l --------
l l OK l
l --------

"Bummer" thinks me
Reboots PC
trys again
same thing happens
comes to forum
search for NSIS and NCRC
"I wish i was a developer who understands this stuff"
downloaded a NSIS 1.98 thingy
got the same again

I have never seen this error before in my life
i don't want to see it again
i do want to use Winamp 3

please please Jim could you fix it for me to be able to use it
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CRC failures are usualy caused by either a bad download corrupting the installer, or some kind of virus running on your system altering the downloaded file

You don't need the NSIS application to fix that, NSIS is used for packing up winamp and plugins, it has nothing to do with any downloaded applications.

Try disabling any download manager you might have running.
Try downloading from an alternate location http://www.winampheaven.da.ru
Try running an up to date virus scan on your system.

Read this for further information.
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