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IP vs domaine name


your product is very great, mutiple brodcast/quality, and it is interesting to make it work.
Which I did.
But I spend hours.

The mistake I made? Well dosen't look like a mistake to me:

- making a request to http://myMachineName:8000/listen.pls
>> the stream work for 2-3 sec, and stop.

- same installation, but the request is whit IP adresse
>> it works fine.

Any solution to avoid hard-coding IP adresse in web page... well DNS are made for that.

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my server did fine with this : http://myMachineName:8000/listen.pls
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You are sharing a cable/DSL connection among several machines, I guess?

Either of "mymachine" or "" will only work inside your own internal network, but not on the Internet.

The first thing you need to do is to run Shoutcast on the machine that's directly plugged into the cable/ADSL modem. Then find out that machine's outbound IP address -- the one that doesn't begin with 192.168.*. (To find out a machine's IP addresses, run "ipconfig" from the MS-DOS prompt.) Then publish that outbound address.

Sadly, in all likelihood you can't publish a "hostname" instead of an IP address on your web page, because you actually need administrative control of a DNS server at your ISP in order to add a mapping from a certain hostname to your IP. Most people won't have that.

Alternatively, you may try one of numerous dynamic DNS services out there. But you'll probably find them unreliable.

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thank for your help.

I'm using it as a intranet radio, intramuros only, so there's no need to be accasable from the net.

I find the solution:
Using http://myMachineName:8000/listen.pls dosen't work,

but using http://myMachineName.full.netwok.name:8000/listen.pls
works very well.

I still wander why with the firs URL the stream works for 2-3 sec.
If it wouldn't work at all would be more understandable.
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