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I've completed the survey but hoping to get a long-standing question I've had answered here...

On the desktop, users are able to 'surf' their ShoutCast Favorites stations with Prev/Next buttons but on Android those buttons are disabled. It's somewhat maddening while driving to have to go through the window-shade method of station selection...and kinda dangerous. Is there a technical reason those buttons are disabled?

Enable those Prev/Next buttons and add a lyrics feature and I'm one happy camper!
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Nullsoft Team
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New Winamp Survey

We have heard your requests and are making headway on making Winamp for Android the best media player for Android phones. Many features are in the works, such as: an equalizer, a browse by folder function, additional codecs, cross fade, gapless playback, song/stream ID, replay gain, & SHOUTcast recommended stations, just to name a few.

Please take a new survey that will help us figure out what other features you want to see in Winamp: http://bit.ly/winampsurvey
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Originally Posted by tejasmi5 View Post
We have heard your requests and are making headway on making Winamp for Android the best media player for Android phones. Many features are in the works, such as: an equalizer, a browse by folder function, additional codecs, cross fade, gapless playback, song/stream ID, replay gain, & SHOUTcast recommended stations, just to name a few.

Please take a new survey that will help us figure out what other features you want to see in Winamp: http://bit.ly/winampsurvey
your second question FORCED me to choose a $ amount, when NOTHING is what i wanted but wasn't a choice!

PENN STATE Radio or http://www.LION-Radio.org/
BUG #1 = Winamp skips short tracks
Wish #1 = Multiple Column Sorting
Wish #2 = Add TCMP/Compilation editing
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I hoped there would be a section in the end of the survey for other recommendations. I wish there would be a way to randomize albums (called Album of the Day in the one MP3 player I've seen this option the Creative Zen line). I still would want the album to play in it's correct track order, I just would want a way to randomize which album to play.

Short of this I would like the app to remember which album I last played or at least the last position in the Album list. Although this does hold for as certain amount of time after browsing the Albums list, if enough time goes by the list is reset to the top.

Aside from that, this is well on its way on being one of my favorite apps for my phone in general. Adding a few more features and solving some of the memory issues I sometimes run into would take it over the top. I usually try to avoid paying for an app if I can but this is one I use all day every day and would have no issues paying for it.

keep up the good work!
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Don't know if someone ask that, but it will be very usefull if we will be able to chose folder to scan or we can exclude some folder from scan because I have 800+ sound in games folder, for examples, that winamp want to play as music.

No matter, I found a way : .nomedia file in folder I doesn't want to be scanned.
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I would REALLY like an equalizer like the one in winamp for windows. Iv used winamp since 1998, and i really love the windows version.
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Originally Posted by Draynam View Post
My other point is something that I didn't see mentioned before. The lockscreen is a fairly good idea, but in my opinion it's somewhat broken by the fact that, at least on a HTC phone (Desire in my case), after touching the lock icon on Winamp's screen, you're back on the default Sense lockscreen and have to swipe again to finally access your home !

After only a few minutes of use, I disabled Winamp's lockscreen. I'd rather have to unlock the default lockscreen to be able to use Winamp, than to have to unlock two screens to access anything else on my phone !

My dream would be that Winamp could interact with Sense's lock screen, to display the album art and a few controls, as the Sense music player does, but I guess that's not gonna happen.

Failing this, it would be nice if Winamp's lockscreen took the place of the default lockscreeen : a swipy gesture of some sort to unlock, leading directly to your home screen.

Then again, I don't know if this problem affects non-HTC Sense phones...
+1, the lock screen is the only thing why i now use Sense player rather than winamp.
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Squishy Tia
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There is still no word on any plugin capability for Winamp Android. Is there the possibility of being able to use or port over existing plugins for Winamp PC into Winamp Android? I would love to have a player that could handle both my regular music files and my PSF/PSF2/SMC/NSF files. That'd sure save a crapton of space on my SD card.

Also a preference to force the "stay awake" option would be wonderful. Having to manually select it in Applications -> Development -> Stay Awake all the time is irritating, especially since my Epic 4G just loves to "forget" that setting. Can be disastrous when driving and it suddenly forgets this setting, making me resort to TWO lock screen unlocks.
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Lightbulb Amazing!!! MUST HAVE NUMBER 1

I have audiogalaxy on my android and it's incredible.
If this feature could it be integrate in winamp with EQ
Sure I will pay to have it!

Originally Posted by RichieHD View Post
The Audiogalaxy app lets you connect to your home computer through Wifi when you are not home. So, instead of having all of your music on your phone- you pretty much stream your collection over Wifi. Problem is, they don't support Last.FM scrobbling. As someone who ONLY uses Winamp on my PC- can you pleaseeeeee add this feature? I have over 40 gigs of music and no way to put all of that on my phone. LOL.
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Love the player thanks for the hard work!!!
Feature request list:

1. Song ratings with support to view song ratings on PC through winamp (or natively through windows) - Would also love to be able to build a playlist of all 4 star or 5 star songs (or both 4 and 5 or just unrated songs, etc. - basically more dynamic playlist building options) - It'd also be cool to modify a song rating from the lock screen - it would also be amazing to see song ratings when viewing the song list

2. Native Lock Screen/stay awake option
(this can be done with 3rd party support with KeepScreen - free)
3. Force Portrait Orientation
(can be done with 3rd party apps - would love native support)
4. Volume button control options when locked or screen off?
(available in some other media players and/or ROMs)

Thanks again, love the app!
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It would be nice if I could have a option to choose where to put my music and choose if winamp should search only this directory for music.
Im using Asus eee tab tf101 and it looks like i got 1 sd card in it and winamp syncs the music in the internal memory and not the external sd card..
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Since this is a feature request I would do anything to get this one. I used PowerAMP before and the cool feature it has is TAGging a song you are listening to on ShoutCast radio.
Most of the time I listen to ShoutCast and I like a song that I want to get later. The easiest thing for me is to hit a button to tag that song and put it in a list then I have the name of the song and artist. Otherwise I have to get a piece of paper and write it down. Wish WinAmp has such feature (Windows and Android)
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I was, until a few nights ago, using Winamp as my go-to android media player, but after looking at the different options on the market, there are several things that seem lacking in this particular app, enough to make me change it for the time being. Things I would love to see are:

- Song ratings

- A more robust lock screen: most of the music players in the market (but paid and free) have the ability to swipe or use buttons with a locked screen to interact with the app. The one that comes to mind, in terms of swiping, as a pretty good one is doubleTwist (the player I'm currently using) while PlayerPro gives you the chance of you using your volume rocker or your handsfree to control the tracks.

- Sleep timer: this would set winamp apart from most of the players in the market, since very few offer this option. On the free side, we have Mort which offers it as a stock feature and on the paid side PlayerPro and PowerAmp offer it too.

- UI: The dragging aspects of Winamp is one of the things I miss, since it made so convinient to jump from Now Playing to the playlist manager, but locking the screen on portrait would make things even better.

I'm going to keep an eye on the app, because it's completely irreplaceable on my PC, but it could use some upgrades on Android.
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I took the survey


Pat Cook
Englewood, CO
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GREAT APP!!! Just two requests
1) update gtalk status on my phone with playing track. none of the thirdparty apps I've tried work (Samsung Galaxy S running Froyo)
2) Control from lock screen
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Yeah, that price question at the start of the survey is flawed. I wouldn't pay for any of the features mentioned. However, I WOULD pay a lot if they added features that are actually useful in improving the user experience... basically if they added all the stuff that's in the desktop version (and that makes it so great) but missing from the android version.

Saying that I'd pay for those features is going to be misleading and take the emphasis off the fact that I want features not listed there.
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Currently its not much different from a stock music player (samsung S5660). I mean, it plays music. But stock player even can enque a folder, a physical folder, not some tag information.
With stock player I was even more in control what lands in library, now with winamp I listen to ringtones and navigation commands and whatever
- manualy input root folder(s) for media (/sdcard/<media folder name>/)
- browse (root remains the presset media folder(s)) and enque/play folder.
- update library auto and manual, since files downloaded from Windows shares will not show up, I can only browse to them with explorer and play one by one.

and then I would start talking about EQ and stuff. Since player lacks even basic functions... well ok, the very basic - to play music - is there, but otherwise its quite useless.
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Pause audio* while Google navigation is talking!

(*or at least lower the volume)
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I think you should be able to search within a playlist or play queue. For example if I have a playlist with 100 songs and I don't want to scroll to search for a specific track, I should be able to search for the song and play it without erasing the current play queue. This is basically the "jump" function on PC winamp. One way to do this would be to have a search bar at the top of the play queue that only searches within the queue.

Along the same lines, when you search for a song globally, a nice option besides "play" and "enqueue" would be the combination of these..."enqueue and play."
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Lock screen enhancement

I'm not sure whether it already exists, but I'd like to see functionality (I have the Samsung Captivate phone) that senses whether the phone is plugged in for recharge, and disables (at least) the Winamp lock screen in that case.

I use the phone while I'm at work, and generally have to plug in at some point during the day. But while I'm plugged in, it's a bit of a bother to have to unlock (twice!) to manipulate the controls. I would love the option to toggle off the lock screen functionality when Winamp senses that the phone is plugged in.
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Feature requests.

Sync between desktop Winamp and Winamp for Android.

1. Sync radio stream bookmarks (with tags/folders support) from desktop Winamp to Android.

2. Sync podcast RSS streams (with tags/folders support) from desktop Winamp to Android.

3. Sync play count, most played, least played etc from desktop Winamp to Android.

4. Last.fm.

5. Link to artist/song YouTube videos or Wikipedia page.
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* ratings
* playcounts
* syncing these ratings & playcounts with the desktop winamp
* lyrics. Specifically the ability to display USLT lyrics on top of the album art

the lack of these 4 features are locking me into itunes and causing me to continue to carry my ipod touch

I will pay $20 for these features.
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I have a feature request I haven't seen.

1. Remove "AudioBook" genre from songs listing
2. Allow MP3 bookmark (1 per file or Playlist*)

The latest update keeps resetting where I was in my MP3s and starting each track from the beginning if WinAmp for Android shuts down, which now happens anytime I am out of the car for any length of time without playing.

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Support for the following would be great:
(2) Dolby Sound
(3) HTC Enhancer
(4) Beats Audio
(5) App2SD
(6) Editing Tags
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Random Play

One feature which I would really like to see added is an option that if the "Play" button is pressed with no music queued a random album would be selected and played. Currently a random set of songs is played which is nice but for us fans of albums versus playlists, etc. making this a configurable option would be wonderful.
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Autoplay & replay-gain at sync

The player stops if I disconnect phones, witch is a great thing to do; but would be nice if it auto-plays again when replugged
I could use that phones with button control but didn't find any good one... they all have bad sound, tested many...

Another thing is that the PRO version supports replay-gain, but the sync option doesn't (in pc). I have to manually select the new songs and send then to 'calculate replay-gain', or select all songs and then wait forever

Thanks in advance
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I love the app, just for the WiFi Sync its a must have but i miss just one feature from PowerAmp and is adjust the transparency of the background widgets.
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Data liberation.

Import/Export of bookmarks, rss feeds, music library etc. to a standard format
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Stop button and play length

I don't know if anyone already said this, but I find it silly that it doesn't even have a stop button, only pause. When I am about to stop the music player right after a song, it switches to the next song before I get to do so often, and so the next song is 3-5 seconds into it already when I turn on the music player again. If I had a stop button, the song would reset by pressing it, which is a must have on any music player. And no, pressing the "previous" button doesnt work for resetting the song when it's only 5-10 secs into it, it only switches to the previous song.

Also, they could just aswell add a track line for the song, especially in the lockscreen menu so that you can fast forward without pressing the arrow button and switching song by mistake.

And I would also appreciate not having to unlock 2 screens when opening my phone, but it's not that bad. It's much more important that the player atleast has the basic buttons a music player should have.
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1) synch from a smart view
2)synch to the sd card not internal memory

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What I am missing:

1) sync with Android only albums/artists/folders selected by me manualy on Winamp on PC/Mac
2) sync onlu to SD card - not the phone's internal memory,
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Old 15th December 2011, 06:25   #152
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1. File info (MP3-type, byterate)
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Old 17th December 2011, 14:25   #153
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AVS and volume control for Android WinAmp

I want AVS for Android WinAmp... I'm AVS fun and made some vizs more than 10 years ago. New 1-1.5 GHz ARM processors can successfully support AVS. And graphics coprocessor can be used for fast rendering. It could be great if AVS screen could be shown on Android desktop! And icons on desktop drop shadows to image. Please implement this! This will look amazing. No one other player can have the same. This will make WinAmp Player #1 for Android.

And I need volume control on Android WinAmp screen. I don't use WinAmp on my Android tablet cause it doesn't have volume control. I use PowerAMP instead. But if WinAmp will have volume control then I'll turn to WinAmp. And may be will buy Pro version.
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Tags Over Bluetooth

The standard media player for my Galaxy Note streams tag info to my car stereo when I am connected via bluetooth (The artis name, album name, track# show up on the screen). Winamp is a much better player in almost every way, but the Pro Version (which I have) cannot do this. How difficult a feature is this to add?
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Before you do anything you should get Sync working correctly. As of right now, for me, it hangs on "connecting" for certain songs/artists. Also, it would be great to be able to sync views and not just playlists.
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Accentuated letters/Special characters in Playlists

If Winamp for Android could handle accentuated letters/special characters in Playlists that would be great.

I mean every time I upload a new track containing accentuated letters (é, á, ë, etc.) to my phone, I have to edit the special characters in the playlist, otherwise they will not be loaded.
That's pretty annoying, because first I have to create a new playlist with these tracks on my PC, then upload the .M3U to my phone and edit it like this:
í -> Ă*
é -> Ă©
ë -> Ń‘
á -> á
ö -> ö
ő -> Ĺ‘
ü -> ĂĽ
ű -> ű
ó -> Ăł
ú -> Ăş

Thanks and keep up the good work!
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Genre -> Album ?

Great player so far, well done!

Would love to see the ability to browse by Genre->Album as an option, rather than just Genre -> Song.

I usually play my music as albums, and I know you can browse by Album which is great, but it would be really nice to display Albums within a Genre.


Imagine for a moment that you have 1000 albums on your SD card, and you want play a jazz album but not sure which one or what it's called. Ability to go to Genre then Album would be extremely beneficial in this case. Presently the only way to do it is to scroll down a list of all those 1000 albums in all the Genres.

Other than that, I really like this player for Android..... I use the pro version on my PC because it can do what I just mentioned above
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Old 17th January 2012, 20:04   #158
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Playcount sync!

Nice thread, it's been running since 2010! Impressive.
Thanks for the opportunity, let's hope winamp people still read it!

On my side, the deal breaker is the playcount sync!

Everything else is nice but just bonuses, playcount sync is the main feature that would finally allow me to ditch itunes!

I would also add, it would be nice to have a (complete) list of actual features and the ones that are in development.

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Old 18th January 2012, 23:46   #159
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The nice thing I like about Winamp For Android is I can not only listen to thousands of SHOUTcast stations like my own which I just relaunched & is (Hopefully!) streaming to the world (I say "Hopefully" because I figured out why my computer wasn't being seen (More on that in another post in the appropriate place) & I'm using the SHOUTcast DSP 2.23 in legacy mode but with the SHOUTcast DNAS 1.98 server since it has a GUI whereas 2.0 does not for some strange reason ) but I can also use the SHOUTcast DNAS as a cloud service of sorts to stream other MP3s I may have from my PC to my Android via a non-public listing. All I gotta do now is figure out how to make the URL into a playlist file which Winamp For Android would detect & understand)

I say this because WHY store MP3s on the SD card when I can just as easily stream then AND have access to ALL of them instead of just a handful of them (Which is what I would have if I stored them on the SD card) ?? That not only doesn't make sense but is almost INSANE !!!!! It's bad enough I have to store some BLOATED apps there (Don't get me started on that )

I'm doing the same thing with Orb Caster, the OrbLive app & my videos (Although my MP3s are there too)

Just my $.02 worth.....


Pat Cook
Englewood, CO
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Suggestion: Can you guys include a "Jump to File" button on the Player Window? I listen to very long trance sets which are 2 hours long, usually.

And before you suggest that I just split the file myself, I've already thought of that. I'm asking the dev team to see if it's possible to create a solution on THEIR end
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