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Squishy Tia
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SNESAmp and Volume Normalization


I have WinAmp 5.552 and SNESAmp (v334) and am having a slight issue with the output to .WAV being auto-normalized. Being somewhat hearing impaired, I prefer normalization off as I know my way around amps, volume levels and clipping and thus know how to prevent such (I have $1800 speakers - I made sure to learn what not to do before hooking them up).

Is there a way to prevent WinAmp or SNESAmp from auto-normalizing the output? What I'm experiencing is that the beginning of the sound file is louder than the rest. The normalization usually appears to be kicking in around the middle of each SPC's main loop for some reason.

The reasons I don't like normalization are twofold: sound quality loss and preservation of accoustic ambience. The reason I'm outputting these to .WAV instead of just listening to them outright (which I still do at home) is that I am putting these on my iPod for when I'm driving to/from work so I have something to listen to other than KCBS (gg Bay Area traffic).

If anybody that knows which particular prefrence functions I'm overlooking I would greatly appreciate the info on how to fix this issue.

Thank you for your time!

Edit: Upon further listening, what appears to be happening is a slight and gradual ramp-up in volume at the beginning of each song and then a drop in volume about 1db below the originating volume, resulting in a further percieved volume drop.

- Squishy Tia!

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Squishy Tia
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Upon further investigation, with the Control Panel open (SNESAmp), the Amplification slider is continually changing, goingn from 0db to about 10.3dE, then settling down between 6db and 8.5db, and occasionally fluctuating during the song playback.

No matter what I do, I cannot seem to get the SNESAmp plugin to force the amplification volume to not fluctuate (I want it at 6.0db permanently ideally, but 0.0db will work too). I've tried setting it to "like the SNES" for DSP emulation, no go - the volume amplification still fluctuates. I've tried deselecting "Use amplification level from ID666 Tag" and setting the amplification level to 6.0db manually with a min of 6.0 and max of 6.0, and still no effect.

Does anybody here have a way to force the issue with this plugin? The fluctuating volume amplification is very irritating, especially when the end song (in .wav format) is going to be used on multiple listening devices.

Thank you for your time!
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Set AAR to off.

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Squishy Tia
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OK, it finally works. No annoying volume changes and I can enjoy 192/24 sound with complete stereo separation. Yay! And all it took was deleting the WinAmp prefs, resetting SNESAmp to defaults, then recustomizing SNESAmp. Thank you for the advice on the AAR. I had tried it before but it (SNESAmp) was ignoring my selections. Works like a charm now.

And sweet merciful CRAP the Final Fantasy 6 songs "Dancing Mad - Full/Part 5" and the two ending themes sound awesome. My receiver even detects them as the proper 192 KHz/24-bit bitstreams as sent from my computer.

It's nice not to have to leave OS X to do this anymore. Now I can convert all my SPCs that I listen to into great sounding .WAVs in my favorite OS.
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