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playlist synch

I just arrived at the android after getting rid of the iPhone. Now I wonder if that was good. I love the android, but I have spent hours trying to get playlists to synch. In the iPhone it was so, so easy. Umph!

So, I use a Samsung Galaxy S with winamp desktop and winamp for android. I can synch the audio files with no problem. But no playlists will not synch. Is there a place where an elementary step by step procedure can be found? I see hundreds of posts about this, but no answers that work.
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I have the same exact problem.

The sole reason why I use Winamp is so that I can create playlists on Winamp PC Desktop, and sync them to my Winamp Android device (in my case a Xperia Arc).

I can synchronize media (mp3) files without a problem, but playlists created either on Winamp PC Desktop won't appear on my Android device, nor will playlists created on my Android device appear on Winamp PC Desktop.

I would love to see a turorial on this, so I can figure it out or at least verify that I'm not doing anything wrong and problem lies elsewhere.
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Part of the problem is that if even one song of any given playlist has ANY punctuation or special characters in it, the entire playlist will fail to sync and the attempt can only be exited by force quitting Winamp on the phone/tablet.

So not only do you have to manually prune ALL of your music files and purge them of punctuation/special characters, you get the wonderful joy of knowing that your playlists, even if they do sync, are saved on the phone's internal storage only. Winamp cannot save to the SD card. It can read from the SD card, but not save to it. No import/export feature exists for playlists. So if you have to reset your phone/tablet or change to a different device for any reasons, you will need to re-sync your playlists or manually recreate them.
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Thank you!

I'll see if I'll go through the entire music library, removing punctuations etc.

Sounds to me it'll be a lot easier to just create playlists on the phone, and not use Winamp at all.

Or wait till it supports more characters such as punctuations.
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