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Selecting multiple tracks to create playlist

I am looking for an easier way of creating playlist within winamp. I am using winamp on my asus transformer tablet with android 3.1. What I would like to do it select numerous tracks at once to create a playlist instead of going in each track and adding it individually. Any ideas? Thanks
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Anyone able to help? Thanks.
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If you want all tracks in a soundtrack, the easiest way to do it is to have them grouped in a folder (preferrably named for the soundtrack you want to make a playlist for, that way you can easily find it) and just hold your finger on the main folder that holds those tracks and you can add the entire lot to the playlist in one fell swoop.

NOTE: This does not work for nested folders. Just like individual tracks, you have to do one folder at a time. That means that multiple disc soundtracks require you add each disc's folder one at a time if you have them set up that way (like I do).

Also, with this limitation comes another irritating problem: Because Winamp does not support nested folders, if you have lots of Disc 1, Disc 2 etc. folders, you get the joy of manually sifting through each one via trial and error to add the correct one to your playlist (that means clicking on a folder to see its contents and hitting the back button so you can hold-click the folder and add it to the playlist).

And because Winamp doesn't save its playlists to the SD card, and even MyBackup Pro doesn't save them to the SD card, if you change phones/tablets, or you have to factory reset your phone/tablet, you lose your playlists as there is no export/import feature in Winamp yet.

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