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Just playing from SDCARD folder?


I don't want to use this sync feature, but just having WinAmp play from music folders on my external SDCARD. Isn't that possible?

btw. there is a system menu related to SD card in winamp, but WinAmp crashes everytime i try to enter that.
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I was able to set my entire music library onto my SD card by having a folder named "Songs" (without the quotes, and capitalized) at the root level of my SD card.

The only problems are as follows:

1) Winamp cannot for the life of me use nested folder setups for easy playlist creation. That is, I have the following directory setup:

Final Fantasy X OST
----Disc 1
----Disc 2
----Disc 3
----Disc 4

Winamp sees the "Disc X" folders, but not the main Final Fantasy X OST folder. I have to manually choose each "Disc X" folder and "add to playlist" (the first time will create the playlist). This gets very, very very frustrating as I have several such setups for various soundtracks, and I have eleventy billion Disc 1, Disc 2, etc. folders that I have to manually sift through via trial and error to add to a playlist.

2) You have no control over where the playlist is saved. Even if Winamp is moved to the SD card and run from there (Requires Froyo [Android 2.2] or higher), the playlists are saved to the phone's internal storage space. I found this out when my Epic 4G epicly bricked itself (as in wouldn't even get power from USB at all) out of the blue and I had to move my SD card to a new Epic 4G. So I moved the card over, downloaded MyBackup Pro (which I have a license for) and restored all my apps, settings and contacts, but the playlists I had before were nowhere to be found. I went through each and every backup I made and no music playlist.

And there's no export/import playlist function yet so I can't save the playlist at all to anything other than the phone's rather fragile (and easily corrupted) internal storage area. I'm not happy, because now I have to rebuild about 100 playlists (yes, I own that many game soundtracks).

TL;DR version: You can run the songs, and Winamp itself, from the SD card as long as you have at least Froyo on your phone and the mount point is /mnt/sdcard or /mnt/ext/sdcard. Just don't plan on being able to save your playlists where you want them (preferrably the SD card so they aren't lost if the phone goes nuts and you have to reset it for any rason). Couple this with the sync issues and creating/saving playlists is a royal PITA. Doable, but a PITA.
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