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Unhappy Misleading Feature on WinAmp Pro


I've been waiting and waiting (and waiting) for WinAmp to actually make "Browse by Folder" useful, but all it lets me do is enqueue, when I want to use that mode to create my playlists.

I have my albums sorted like so:

/Disc 1
/Disc 2
/Disc 3
/Disc 4

Unfortunately, using the Browse by Folder mode only lets me queue up songs, and from there I have to create the playlist. That means that every time I want to create a new playlist, which I now have to do because the Android version of WinAmp doesn't allow saving the playlists to the SD card for some insane reason, I also have to delete the enqueue list so my next playlist doesn't have the songs I previously enqueued in it. I have literally a couple hundred playlists to create, one for each album, and ...well, I have to do them manually by hand on the phone itself.

This becomes even more of a problem since I use a Mac Pro at home and my Note 2 refuses to even show up when connected unless I use the god awful Android File Transfer program which crashes like crazy, but even then I have no access to the location where WinAmp stores its playlists on the phone itself because that directory requires root access to copy to/from.

So my question is this: Why does the Browse by Folder mode not let you create playlists, and why is there no playlist export function in WinAmp Android so that when changing phones or performing restores from backups (in case of ROM damage) one can simply choose the files necessary to recreate the playlists?

Having to connect the phone to my Mac Pro is a problem because for some reason the first three generation Mac Pros have a USB controller that can actually brick a phone during transfers (had it happen twice to my previous Epic 4G) and I'd really prefer not to do that to my Note 2.

Why must something that should be intuitive be impossible after all this time?
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