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Random Visualization Speed ???

How do I slow down the speed of random visualization changes?

Can I also remove the name of the visualization from the bottom of the screen whilst in full screen?

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Yes and yes.

With the AVS window open, right click anywhere in the viewing area and select AVS Editor. On the top left, click on Settings and then Presets/Hotkeys. At the bottom there is a checkbox which says "Randomly switch presets" and right below it says "Every 10 seconds". Change the value to however long you would like.

Next, click on Settings again and then Fullscreen. As the preset title is being displayed, I'm assuming that you do not have checked "Use fullscreen overlay mode." You may check this box if you would like to use this mode, this will cause the status and title texts to be suppressed. You may also leave this box unchecked and check "Suppress status text in fullscreen" and "Suppress title text in fullscreen."

Let me know if you have any more problems.

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btw, what are the benefits of using fullscreen overlay mode?
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it may work even when the normal fullscreen mode doesnt work

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