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Question Help with my rotating layer volume knob!!

I'm working on a rotating volume knob, instead of using animations. However, the nob rotates erratically when I try it out. Here's a code sample:

rotatevolume(int deg) { // deg is the ABSOLUTE degree to rotate to
double r = _volumerotGetRotationDegree(); // r is the current ABSOLUE degree of rotation
_volumerotRotateDegree(-(deg - r)); // rotate by the difference of the two, giving RELATIVE rotation

The volume-rotation functions seem to be Relative, so it would be logical that you could subtract the current degree from the new degree, and rotate to that angle. However, that doesn't seem to be working. So, does anyone have any ideas? Are there any skins that I could look at that have rotating knob scripts that rotate a layer instead of playing an animation?
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Well, now it seems that the volume rotation functions actually aren't relative rotations, which clears things a lot. I solved my problem, bye.
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