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Can I prioritize how Winamp organizes songs?

As it is, Winamp goes, alphabetically, Artist -> Album. As you can imagine, this isn't good for large discographies, where you can have old albums lumped right next to new albums based on both having names starting with the same letter. Specifically, this is difficult in the case of, say, Kamelot, where they have two concept albums, one released after the other, being a sequel to it. The first is titled Epica, and the second is titled The Black Halo, and since E comes after B, Epica is organized after The Black Halo. It's a bit of an annoyance to someone who has such a collection as large as myself.

Is there a way to prioritize the organization so it goes Artist -> Year? I know you can right click the columns in the library and move them up or down, but all that does is change the way columns appear in the library, and not the way music is organized. I can move the Year column right up next to the Artist one, and it still organizes by Album name after the Artist.

Thanks for any help.
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In the Playlist Editor, the tracks will be sorted based on the exact text which is displayed there. For a Artist -> Year search the first two items in the title needs to be Artist then Year.

If you open the Winamp prefs and then do to the Titles page you can see the ATF string which Winamp uses to generate the titles. For the sort you want it should begin something similar to %artist% - %year%

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