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Winamp Play Mic

Sorry for the stupid topic name, idk what to put.

I've done some searching, and this has been asked before and solved in certain ways that aren't useful to what I want.

I have the Logitech G15, and use Ray's G15 Winamp Plugin. It displays winamp's graphic equalizer (is that what you call it? the bars that jump up and down with the music? next to the song second count in the main window).

I came up with the idea to plant my bluetooth headset in areas I want to eavesdrop on (), told windows to use the headset's mic, but the default sound should stay with the computer. I want to know how to make whatever sounds coming from the mic go through winamp, so that the equilizer will tell me visually if there's any sound activity.

the answers for this regarding shoutcast would have been a little out of my way to get it to work, if I had the older version of winamp where that solution actually worked..
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ok sorry for bothering the community at all, maybe this can be a reference for whoever wants it... looking at winamp plugins, there was a line in plugin. I clicked about, and it told me to use, type linein:// in the open dialog. Only the Open Url allowed me to type, but sucess! Typing linein:// in winamps open url will make winamp process the mic!
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