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Share same media library for all computer users: won't work anymore. Need light.


I was using Winamp, and both users on the computer would see the same library. I could add filters etc., and when my wife logged on to her profile, she would see the changes, etc. Everything fine.

Then I installed something that caused Winamp to stop working, and I couldn't fix that.

So I then I downloaded Winamp, removed the old Winamp and installed the new one. I had also copied the Media Library settings, which I copied in to the new installation.

But now, when my wife logs on and opens Winamp, no songs appear in the Library. So then I added them in Winamp (she logged in). But as soon as Winamp is closed and started again, there are no songs in the library again!

Strange, that only happens when she's logged in. Add musics. Re-start winamp. Library empty.

From her profile, I ran Winamp as my user name (admin privileges), and the Library loads and works fine.

So I tried removing the paths.ini file, so that Winamp would keep the settings in the program folder, but it made no difference.

Then I edited paths.ini and set it to:


But it still won't work when she runs Winamp.

Then I edited the folder settings of the Winamp folder, and gave her full access rights. But it didn't help either.

Everytime she runs it, the media library is empty. But the media folder is still there in the configurations.

Now something very strange: the gen_ml.ini file shows two sets of configurations (following the [gen_ml_config] tag: the first set has the original configurations, with all the intelligent filters I created. The second section show settings that are being created everytime Winamp is ran.

I edited the file manually, and removed the second set of configurations, to try and make Winamp show the filters etc. But as soon as anyone (admin or not) runs Winamp, a new set of configurations are appended to the gen_ml.ini file.

I've searched all around this forum and can't find a solution.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Using Windows XP Sp3.

Thanks a lot!
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config, gen_ml.ini, media library, paths, users

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