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Beginner question on song metadata

Greetings to all,

I am new to the forum here, and new to internet broadcasting. I am in a business that wants to create its own radio station to broadcast our clients' material. We have all of our licensing agreements in place and are ready to move forward. My question is encoding metadata into the files. Is this something I need to add in by way of code or is this a function of the transcoder? If it makes any difference, we will be working off the Mac platform. Thank you in advance to all those much more knowledgeable than me!
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it all depends on what versions of the SC tools / 3rd party apps you're going to be using as depending on the version determines what what sort of metadata is read / sent. with the official v2 tools then if working with mp3 it'll attempt to read from ID3v1, ID3v2.3 & ID3v2.4 tags which if not there then tries to guess at metadata from the filename. for 3rd party sources it varies and you'd need to check with them as to what they provide.

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