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.net again


if i unistall .net manually from Add/remove programs it do not remove the registry entries ...!!

isDotNetInstalled function shows .net is installed in this case...!!

what if somebody manually uninstall .net ?
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This code is bit lengthier, However putting it in a text file messes it up.
I am not sure if you are using the same, but this works for me even if the .Net (2.0) uninstalled from control panel.


;Set .Net Framework version re-distributable has and to be checked for
!define DOT_MAJOR "2"
!define DOT_MINOR "0"
!define DOT_MINOR_MINOR "50727"


;This is a custom function required for checking the presence of the installed .Net framework.
;If the required .Net framework version not found it will launch the .Net framework MSI.
Function CheckDotNetFramework

Push $0
Push $1
Push $2
Push $3
Push $4
Push $5

StrCpy $0 "0"
StrCpy $1 "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\.NETFramework" ;registry entry to look in.
StrCpy $2 0

;Enumerate the versions installed.
EnumRegKey $3 HKLM "$1\policy" $2

;If we don't find any versions installed, it's not here.
StrCmp $3 "" noDotNet notEmpty

;We found something.
;Find out if the RegKey starts with 'v'.
;If it doesn't, goto the next key.
StrCpy $4 $3 1 0
StrCmp $4 "v" +1 goNext
StrCpy $4 $3 1 1

;It starts with 'v'. Now check to see how the installed major version
;relates to our required major version.
;If it's equal check the minor version, if it's greater,
;we found a good RegKey.
IntCmp $4 ${DOT_MAJOR} +1 goNext yesDotNetReg
;Check the minor version. If it's equal or greater to our requested
;version then we're good.
StrCpy $4 $3 1 3
IntCmp $4 ${DOT_MINOR} +1 goNext yesDotNetReg

;detect sub-version - e.g. 2.0.50727
;takes a value of the registry subkey - it contains the small version number
EnumRegValue $5 HKLM "$1\policy\$3" 0

IntCmpU $5 ${DOT_MINOR_MINOR} yesDotNetReg goNext yesDotNetReg

;Go to the next RegKey.
IntOp $2 $2 + 1
goto StartEnum

;Now that we've found a good RegKey, let's make sure it's actually
;installed by getting the install path and checking to see if the
;mscorlib.dll exists.
EnumRegValue $2 HKLM "$1\policy\$3" 0
;$2 should equal whatever comes after the major and minor versions
;(ie, v1.1.4322)
StrCmp $2 "" noDotNet
ReadRegStr $4 HKLM $1 "InstallRoot"
;Hopefully the install root isn't empty.
StrCmp $4 "" noDotNet
;build the actual directory path to mscorlib.dll.
StrCpy $4 "$4$3.$2\mscorlib.dll"
IfFileExists $4 yesDotNet noDotNet

;Nope, something went wrong along the way. Looks like the
;proper .NETFramework isn't installed.

;Un comment the following line to make this function throw a message box right away
; MessageBox MB_OK "You must have v${DOT_MAJOR}.${DOT_MINOR}.${DOT_MINOR_MINOR} or greater of the .NETFramework installed. Aborting!"
Call "InstallDotNetFramework"
; Abort
StrCpy $0 0
Goto done

;Everything checks out. Go on with the rest of the installation.
;MessageBox MB_OK "You have v${DOT_MAJOR}.${DOT_MINOR}.${DOT_MINOR_MINOR} or greater of the .NETFramework installed."
DetailPrint "Found .Net Framework v${DOT_MAJOR}.${DOT_MINOR}.${DOT_MINOR_MINOR} Installed, Skipping Installation."

FileOpen $9 "$WINDIR\Temp\ASA_Install.log" a
FileSeek $9 0 END
FileWrite $9 "$\r$\n»Found .Net Framework v${DOT_MAJOR}.${DOT_MINOR}.${DOT_MINOR_MINOR} Installed, Skipping Installation."
FileClose $9

StrCpy $0 1

Pop $4
Pop $3
Pop $2
Pop $1
Exch $0

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