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Question Always on top button

I search and search for way to implement Always on top function.

I found some wasabi code here:

const GUID options_guid = { 0x280876cf, 0x48c0, 0x40bc, { 0x8e, 0x86, 0x73, 0xce, 0x6b, 0xb4, 0x62, 0xe5 } };
CfgItem *options=api->config_getCfgItemByGuid(options_guid);
if (options != NULL) {
int isOnTop = options->getDataAsInt("Always on top");

if (isOnTop == 1) {
options->setDataAsInt("Always on top", FALSE);
} else {
options->setDataAsInt("Always on top", TRUE);
I tried to import it into maki script like this:
String options_guid = "{280876cf-48c0-40bc-8e86-73ce6bb462e5}";
options = Config.getItemByGuid(options_guid);
if (options != NULL)
int a = options.getAttribute("Always on top");
if (a == 1)
return TRUE;


return FALSE;
but with no success. ConfigItem object options is found but options.getAttribute("Always on top") always returns 0.

Thanks for any reply
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What exactly do you want to implement?
A button that toggles Always on top ON / OFF , or you just want to get its current state (ON or OFF)?
PHP Code:
String options_guid "{280876cf-48c0-40bc-8e86-73ce6bb462e5}";
options Config.getItemByGuid(options_guid);
options.getAttribute("Always on top");
this should get Always on top's current state, but not modify it.

Easiest way to implement a toogle button for Always on top is:
PHP Code:

cfgattrib="{280876CF-48C0-40BC-8E86-73CE6BB462E5};Always on top"
x=".." y=".."
tooltip="Toggle Always on top"

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