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Next/Previous Item When Paused

Winamp is very unusual in handling next and previous when playback is paused. After pausing, playback starts again after advancing to the next track or reverting to previous. I expect it to remain paused and change to the associated file.

Nothing else I use operates this way. Is there a strong reason to do it this way?
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that's just how it was coded and is the way Winamp does it as set out by the original developers (so this is a 16yr+ behaviour).

personally i think it makes sense since if you pause something and tell the player to go to another track, what sense does it make to stay paused as the paused state is only effective for the file you were on, not on what you've moved to, hence it starting to play makes sense and would more likely just get bug reports that it's not playing because someone has forgotten to un-pause things.
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Fair enough.

In my case, I had gotten a phone call and paused playback. As I'm on the phone, I thought I'd skip the currently playing song to have the next one ready to go. I wasn't expecting playback to resume, so I had to pause it again.

It could make sense to automatically start playback, but it is not the norm. My CD player doesn't do it (I don't think there is a CD player made that will auto-play while paused if you choose a different track), my MP3 player doesn't do it, neither does my DVD player.
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