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Winamp issues

Hello I'm having some issues with Winamp 5.32 it opens fine and plays correctly but if I stop the song say to go and eat, or get the phone, you know leaving open the winamp but without playing any song during some minutes, when I return and double click any song on my playlist it simply doesn't opens it, it seems to try but nothing happens and when I try to add a song with this happening Winamp crashes and I get the memory could not be write error.

Also if I pause a song (not stop) for a long time winamp suddenly crashes showing that memory could not be write error too

my system specs are:

3.2 Ghz. Pentium 4 HT
256 MB Connect3D ATI Radeon 9250 AGP Videocard
Creative Sound Blaster Live value sound card
320 GB Hard Disk

Winamp 5.32 clean install

this also happened on my old computer too the specs of that one were:

566 Mhz. Celeron Processor
512 RAM
Sis 730 integrated video
Sound Blaster Live sound card

Winamp 5.32 clean install as well.

This didn't happened with version 5.24 or older versions, it started to happen from version 5.31 and up.

Hope you can help me

Thanks in advance
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Could you post the exact error message?

Does the error persist if you disable in_wm.dll? (Windows Media input plugin)
In Windows Explorer, go to C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins, and rename in_wm.dll to in_wm.off while Winamp is closed.

A HijackThis log may give some clues as well...

Good Winamp plugins by Joonas, DrO and shaneh.
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The message I get is like this:

The instruction at "0x7c809783" refered to the adress "0x01530024". The memory could not be "written". Click OK to terminate the program

I'll try to reproduce the error again and get the hijack log too, though is kinda odd since some times the error appears soon and other times it takes longer to appear.

other than that the players works normal

think it can be something related to the a skin or something?
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