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Looking for a skin

I found this skin on 1001winampskins.com but I am sure I have seen a version here that had no transparency. I can't find the skin here now and also can't recall the name either.


Does anyone remember it?
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[edit]nevermind...just realized it wouldn't work right
(i was going to suggest unzipping then deleting reigon.txt, but then I realized that it probably wouldn't be skinned underneath.)


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All I can think of is this. It is a remix of that skin. It has transparency, but less of it.

As m2k was going to suggest, you can open up the skin file (WSZ file) with winzip and delete the region.txt file inside it. This may make the skin look terrible, or it may look ok (depending on how the authors skinned the transparent parts, as m2k said). If you modify a skin like that though, keep it for personal use only.

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You might want to rethink your link, there... It goes to "http://this/" which on Firefox ends up at the History Channel website.


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