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Various skins resource usage and loading time

Is it still as it used to be regarding system resources usage and Winamp loading time with newer skins? That is, classic skin being the fastest, whereas modern skinned Winamp taking longer to load and consuming more system resources (and I presume Bento is the biggest of them all)? Or has this aspect changed in the meantime?

I've been sticking to the classic skin "port" of "Winamp Modern" for quite a while, and I think I need a refreshment in this matter. But only if I don't lose loading times and resources.
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Classic Pro is a lightweight/fast engine on top of Winamp which will give you the modern functionality and more in classic kinda style.
Loads of SUI skins available on the Winamp skins sui section and at SC
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It's entirely skin dependent. A modern skin that weighs 2 MB and uses tons of scripts and images will indeed take a long time to load, but on the other hand you have modern skins with less eye-candy that load nearly as fast as classic skins. Optimized code can influence loading time too.
Two of my (modern) skins are under 40 kB (zipped, thus in *.wal format) and load almost instantly. It's the best of both worlds, not only when switching skins, but at winamp startup as well of course.
I'm not sure whether storing the skins unzipped makes any difference. I can imagine that it saves loading time when Winamp does not have to unzip the skin when loading it. I never noticed a difference however.
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