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What compression ratio does Nullsoft's Disc writer use when decoding mp3s to .wav?? Can I configure the compression ratios when decoding mp3s to .wav files using the Nullsoft Disc Writer plug-in?? If not, is there a plug-in that will allow me to do this? I am running into the problem of having very large sets of .wav files (ie. 1.5 mB) that I want to burn to a 650-700 mB max cd-r media...so I figured adjusting the compression ratios would be appropriate...if this is NOT the correct way to solve the problem, does anyone have any advice??? I really appreciate your help. Thanks.
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I don't think adjusting the compression ratios is possible if you want to listen to your .mp3s on a regular CD Player. But hey, don't quote me on that! Basically all the diskwriter plugin in does is decodes the mp3 into a regular .wav file which will be treated as a .cda file by Windows. It is these files that are read by the regular CD players so unless it's in that format I don't think they'll be read properly...sorry!


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There is no way to get compression if you convert MP3's to WAV files, because the WAV format is an uncompressed format.
CD's also use an uncompressed format.
So what the disk writer does is just decompression. Compression ratios you can set when your going from an uncompressed format to a compressed format (e.g. WAV to MP3)
If you want to know some more on MP3 compression visit the MPEG site: http://www.mpeg.org

The only thing you can do with wav's is convert them to mono wav's or wav's on a lower sample rate or less bits per sample, but then quality goes down a lot.

I don't see why it's not possible to burn audio CD's with a list of MP3's as input and that MP3 decoding is being done on the fly.
I think with MusicMatch software you can burn audio CD's with MP3's as input (I am not sure, never tried it) http://www.musicmatch.com
Otherwise I advice you to find software which can do the job on for for example http://www.download.com

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